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Recruiting & Hiring in Serbia

Before starting to recruit companies should be mindful of discrimination and data protection laws. Serbian anty discrimination law imposes vast protection on workers from being discriminated during the recruitment, hiring process, and employment. Employers in Serbia are prohibited from discriminating based on the following characteristics under the law: birth date, gender, race, language, skin color, health condition, age, pregnancy, marital status, social background, religion, invalidity, nationality, sexual orientation, family commitments, political or other beliefs, financial capability, membership in political organizations or labor unions, as well as other personal predispositions.

Serbia has very strict data protection regulations that are aligned with EU GDPR requirements.

In General, when recruiting in Serbia you should ask for a minimum set of personal data that are strictly connected to the job.

With a comprehensive list of protected characteristics in place, it is essential for you to be mindful of the language you use when communicating with potential employees in Serbia. Unless they are actually necessary for the position (i.e. language knowledge) do not list any characteristics in your job postings. Even in casual conversation, you should give careful consideration to the questions you ask especially during the during interviews.

Doing Business in Serbia

The majority of Serbian business people are highly educated and fluent in English, many also speak German, French, and Russian, these are the additional languages taught in schools as well as the languages of the neighboring countries such are Romanian and Hungarian. They place a high value on partnerships with partners who make a local immersion in the community. Due to the hierarchical nature of most businesses, you will need to negotiate with those with the authority to reach an agreement.

A business must have a legal entity to hire in Serbia along with a registered address, physical or virtual office, tax account, bank account, locally certified accountant, and more.

Job classification will be an essential component when hiring in Serbia, as for instance misclassifying a contractor and standard employment, or statutory benefits related to different job types and places of work, could result in fines.

Country Labor Law

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The Most Popular Job Boards in Serbia

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