HR DADA is a Global Human Resources SwaS company that offers innovative & simplified HRIT business solutions to help forward-thinking & progressive organizations address the challenges of global people leadership & HR processes management.


Enablement of work without limits for citizens of the world


At HR DADA, we work optimally and creatively to provide HR solutions & services that are credible, strategic, and expert to make the world of work borderless and people-centric. 

Our efforts are focused on 5 pillars: 

1. “Employment Space” HRIS Solutions 

2. Organizational Development Services

3. Global Employment Services “Work Without Borders”

4. HR Knowledge Hub a Single Source of Information

5. Global HR Partnership Community

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We are a company of curious minds

Making work fun and playing together

With integrity and customer-centricity

Passionate and innovative

Embracing and driving change

Building social and business value for people

With a bias for action

Thinking big!

Human Resources Solutions for Sustainable Business Growth


HR IS THE KEY TO SUSTAINED COMPANY GROWTH. Our approach to human capital management addresses the critical factors that shape today’s workforce, company performance, and success for both businesses and their employees. As companies grow, it is critical for them to improve performance across HCM factors by utilizing a platform that supports best-in-class tools for strategic planning, talent acquisition, service delivery, and reporting. The demand for HR services is growing rapidly as companies seek to eliminate inefficiencies and increase business agility.

Being a one-stop solution, we help organizations manage their people efficiently with no need to take care of cumbersome and time-consuming HR processes. Our end-to-end HR services organization is the enabler of Human Resources operations at scale.



HR DADA is a company that provides shared services-outsourcing solutions for human resources processes. The core of our business is to provide services that enable remote and distributes teams to operate effortless human resources necessities, from managing global positions and payroll to talent management and employee experience.



HR DADA is a unique HR solution that enables global workforce management. Our online platform, cloud-based system, CoE consulting, and support services are the enablers of human resources operations at scale. We help companies with strategic leadership, compliance, productivity, and great employee experience.



With our trusted partners, we're changing the way businesses think and doing around HR - one innovative solution at a time. When you work with us, you are supporting a global HR quest to make things better for all.

A boundaryless organization

EMPLOYMENT SERVICES - Simplifying Global HR Processes


We believe that there are better, more innovative ways to approach traditional HR issues, and our goal is to connect the dots, especially the legal ones, and make a positive impact in the labor markets. We have a deep knowledge that enables us to continuously standardize global HR process workflows and make them more user-friendly and available.  

Our team is composed of HR experts Dadaists – we do things our way, disrupt the status quo, and challenge the traditional way of doing things. Our mission is to take classic approaches and use them in a Dadaist filtering process which means disrupting it, shaking it, rebelling, and eliminating nonsense, then constructing it back together in a better way.