A1 Form

The A1 form is a form used to declare the social security capability of EU, EEA, citizens by the EU Social Security Coordination Regulations

The A1 form is a portable document issued by the social security authorities of EU member states when an employee of that state goes to work in another EU member state, EEA state, or Switzerland. This document serves as proof to employers that the employee is insured with the social security system of their home country and it also exempts them from having to enroll in the social security system of their host country. The A1 form must be updated whenever the employee moves to another EU country for work, whether for a short-term or long-term period. It contains information about the worker’s job, including dates of employment, income, health insurance coverage, and other benefits held with their home country’s social security system.

Portable documents replace the old E-forms. They are issued by the competent EU social security institutions where person is insured.

The A1 form is a form used to declare the social security capability of European Union citizens by the EU Social Security Coordination Regulations. The form is completed by an individualโ€™s employer to determine their liability for contributions and benefits that are governed by the social security system of another EU member state.

It should be sent to the relevant employers’ authority or competent institution so they can assess whether someone who lives, works and/or pays tax in one member state but works temporary in another country must contribute to the local insurance fund in that second country.

Obtain the application form – The A1 form must be obtained from the local social security institution for whatever country you are working in or traveling to within the European Union (EU). It is important to note that only one version of the A1 form exists, so it is advisable to confirm this with your local social security institution and/or employer before you travel. Addresses of institutions responsible for issuing the portable document A1

Within European Union countries, it is usually the responsibility of either the Employer or Social Security institution to issue an A1 form to employees. The social security institution in each Member State will be able to advise employers on which documents they need in order to prove their workersโ€™ situation and provide them with an A1 form if needed.

Employers should note that they are obliged to obtain this form before any employee commences work in another EU Member State, since without an A1 Form the worker may not have rights over any valid social security coverage from their previous countries – causing them legal issues and fines by their local authorities.

The exact procedure for obtaining an A1 form can vary from country to country, so it is important to do your research and contact the relevant authorities regarding specific regulations before beginning any cross-border employment arrangements.

Author: DADA HR