6 HR Must-Haves for Global Companies

Ethics & Compliance employee education should be mandatory thing to do for any company and is especially important for global businesses.

1.Recruiting and Onboarding

Logically, companies need to design their recruiting and onboarding process in such a way that ensures the best talent is hired and is productive as soon as possible. This means creating clear job descriptions, compliant compensation, setting recruitment KPIs, designing efficient compliant processes, ensuring effective onboarding plans are in place, ensuring diversity of talent, ensuring compliant employment documents, etc.

2.Workforce Development

Companies need to provide employees with an equal opportunity for growth by offering appropriate tools, training sessions, and mentoring programs so employees can constantly improve and develop their skills.

3.Performance Management

Companies should have at a minimum an effective Performance Improvement Program. But should avoid implementation of traditional performance review process and utilization of rigid, robotic feedback culture, instead should design a more human-centric performance approach that resonates with a unique company culture mix.


Companies must strive to offer appealing benefits & work practices such as flexible working hours, remote work & travel options, compensation equity, retention bonuses, enabling fun at work, designing meaningful- competent-realistic OKRs, etc…

5.Employee Wellbeing

To be sure of an engaged workforce and compliant business companies should also implement strategies aimed at taking care of their employee’s well-being such as work-life balance policies, sick days and family care PTO, health & safety measures both onsite (if applicable) and online.

6.Ethics & Compliance Education

Companies should also strive towards providing their staff with up-to-date ethical training modules related to topics like information security & data protection, workplace harassment, discrimination laws & codes, whistleblowers, business etiquette & antibribery rules, disciplinary policies, so that all staff – share a common respect for basic standards, compliance requirements & ethics regularly. This ensures that organizations yield beneficial outcomes derived from ethical imperatives.

Author: DADA HR